Maldives – A diving Paradise

The most stunning collection of islands on the planet is just a short trip away from the Middle East, making them a favourite for everyone from honeymooners to large families needing privacy and a bespoke service. The most significant addition of the last 12 months to the array of stunning resorts is St Regis Vollumi Island. Combining stunning architecture, luxury service from morning until night and a truly personal touch, the destination has already earned an incredible reputation. St Regis Vommuli Island is a once in a lifetime trip and is first class when it comes to unforgettable food and beverage – something often overlooked in the Maldives. Finding a decent place to stay can be tough in the Maldives. If you are booking your room at the last minute, here’s a good tip: some credit cards offer 20 per cent off across the year when you book a room via

• Best for: Sun worshippers’ and diving enthusiasts

• Explore: The beautiful spa and for dinner the five-course degustation and drink pairing menu held in the underground cellar of Decanter restaurant.

Maldives and Cape Verde becoming top holiday destinations as small islands attracts tourists

Small Island Developing States (SIDS, an official designation of the United Nations) such as Maldives and Cape Verde, are attracting ever increasing numbers of tourists, outlined the UN World Tourism Organisation in a report released Tuesday. In the past decade, visitor numbers have increased by more than 12 million to reach 41 million in 2011.

International tourist arrivals are a key source of revenue for these small island states, with visitors accounting for more than 38 billion dollars in annual revenue, according to the report “Challenges and Opportunities for Tourism in Small Island Developing States.”

The group of SIDS is made up of 38 states such as the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles islands which hold membership in the UN and which are increasingly desirable tourist destinations.

Fourteen other islands that are not UN members such as French Poylnesia make up the rest of the group.

The destinations have the common goals of preserving local resources and populations, paying particular attention to the inflow of tourists and the consequent effects on the environment.